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Driveway Installer UK (UK): With such an excess of traffic on the roads nowadays and so many issues with parking, a lot more homeowners in the UK are opting to have a driveway put in. This is certainly a great idea if you've got a good sized garden and will always guarantee that you have a dedicated parking place every time you arrive home, rather than being forced to look for an acceptable spot. The additional advantage of extra security may also be a deciding factor in some instances, and if you've got a driveway gate installed this is even more applicable.

Your next step, if you do elect to go ahead with a driveway installation will be make up your mind about what style of driveway will be most suitable for your circumstances. You'll no doubt be aware already that there are lots of different driveway options available and not every one of these will appeal to you. Prices will vary considerably across these different driveway styles, thus your choices could be limited if you only have a set amount of money to use. Your final decision may also be affected by the layout and size of your garden.

There are of course lots of different designs and types of driveway, as you will doubtless have seen when wandering around UK. You can make a choice from aggregate driveways, concrete driveways, resin bound driveways, cobbled driveways, flagstone driveways, asphalt driveways, block paved driveways, tarmac driveways, printed concrete driveways and grass driveways, though not every one of these will actually be appropriate for your garden terrain and layout.

What Kind of Driveway is Best? There are several details that you have to give some thought to before deciding which of these is perfect for your situation. You'll want to think about - 1. What's the drainage like in your garden - does water gather where you're aiming to put in your driveway? 2. The lay of the land - is the area level or sloping? 3. Local authority planning permission - does your driveway need to have planning permission?

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You might assume that planning permission is only mandatory for significant initiatives like loft conversions and extensions, but this is not necessarily true. The regulations that cover driveways in the UK aren't only set by the local council, but are in reality enforced by government guidelines. These regulations only affect front gardens at this moment. The legislation that is currently in effect were set by a government act of 2008 - the SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System).
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